Internet Technologies, International Legal Landscape, and Investments Shape the Telecommunications Industry Future

Top Executives Collaborated to Create New Perspectives and Business Opportunities at Conference to be Held on May 14 in New York

NEW YORK, May 15, 1998 /PRNewswire/ -- The executive conference "Summit on Telecommunications" concluded successfully yesterday. Participants tackled diverse and difficult topics that spanned telecommunications, information technologies, Internet and new media, e-commerce, international legal regulations, venture capital and investments, and many others, in structured, collaborative working sessions.

Owen Kurtin, an organizer and partner of Duane, Morris & Heckscher, LLP commented, "The diverse perspectives brought to the Summit by telecommunications service providers, consultants, financiers and legal advisors from several countries and sectors resulted in an engaged and animated exchange of ideas and opinions, as expressed through the roundtable format."

"The advent of the Internet and the widespread changes it has already caused in the telecommunications industry make the future of the industry more complex and difficult to predict. We gathered to take a look into the future, collaboratively discover new opportunities, and 'place our bets' based on the new insights," said Dr. Augustine Fou, an organizer and president and CEO of go-Digital.

The three executive roundtable sessions covered the following topics:

1. Internet Convergence - how the technologies and business models of the Internet are revolutionizing the telecommunications industry
2. Deregulation and Legal Landscape how the 1996 Telecommunications Act and the new international legal landscape necessitated by the Internet impact the telecommunications industry on local and global levels.
3. Financing the Telecom Future - how financial institutions and telecom "players" shape the rapidly evolving telecommunications future through innovative investment strategies.

"Citibank was very pleased to sponsor and be a participant at yesterday's international Telecom Summit," said Mr. Kenneth Hilton, relationship manager and legal specialist of Citibank. "We will continue to be a proactive participant in addressing the needs of large companies and small companies in the extremely rapidly evolving arena of telecommunications and the Internet."

Andy Stratford, president of the Communications Managers Association said, "the assemblage was excellent; the participants [had] tremendous ability to "feel their way around" the present and the future." Andrew Ellenberg from Bloomberg added, "Unlike most conferences where a few experts talk and everyone else listens, the go-Digital format taps the collective brainpower of all the attendees." "The conference was a unique way to address a breadth of business and technology a good way to get a fresh outlook," said Sunny Youn, product manager, Lucent Technologies.

Joseph Bovino, consultant to the Los Angeles Regional Technology Alliance said, "we were pleased that the Summit included representatives from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Argentina, and the UK. The international focus and roundtable format reinforced our continuing efforts to develop a global collaborative of economic development organizations and private enterprises dedicated to serving emerging technology companies worldwide."

"It was interesting to receive Americans' view of the deregulated Swedish telecom market," said Magnus Gink of the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce. Eija Tynkynnen of the Finnish Trade Council added, "The convergence of telecom and the Internet brings new challenges and opportunities. The cooperation of the government companies, universities, and research institutes supports the development of the information society. The conference was most valuable [for] meeting and discussing [such topics] with the participants."

"Because of the quality of the ideas and perspectives generated by the participants and the overwhelmingly positive response to the format of open exchange and intimate discussions, go-Digital will continue to produce conferences in this Summit series to address critical topics in the Internet industry and across industries," added Dr. Fou. "These conferences are meant to be the 'fertile ground' where we, the people who are 'in the trenches' of the Internet everyday, together shape industries and create the future."

The Summit on Telecommunications was organized by go-Digital Internet Consulting Group, Inc. (, a management consulting firm specializing in Internet strategy and management of online projects, for such clients as the Government of Macao, the Canadian Consulate General, the Government of Quebec, SeniorNet International, IBM, and AT&T; and co-organized by Duane, Morris & Heckscher, LLP (, a full-service law firm of more than 150 lawyers practicing in offices located in New York, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., New Jersey, Delaware, Florida, and Texas.

The conference was co-sponsored by PRNewswire, the New York New Media Association (NYNMA), Los Angeles Regional Technology Alliance (LARTA), Columbia Institute of Tele-Information (CITI) at Columbia University, INFOMART Technology Community in Dallas, Texas, and Joseph Bovino & Associates.

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