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NEW YORK - December 10, 1997 - More than 40 top new media companies from the U.S. and Canada, along with major corporations, today concluded their participation in the CanApple/go-Digital Summit on E-commerce organized and led by the Canadian Consulate General of New York and go-Digital Internet Consulting Group, Inc.

"The Summit set a precedent for serious discussion that not only generated high-level, forward- thinking strategies for e-commerce, but also outlined tactics for bridging the present state of this rapidly evolving medium with the future,' remarked Dr. Augustine C. Fou, a Summit organizer and president/CEO of go-Digital.

Summit participants collaborated for two-days in executive roundtable sessions to create new knowledge and shape the future of e-commerce, with discussions focused on how e-commerce will significantly impact the retail, publishing, education and entertainment industries. Overviews of theses discussions are below and will be detailed in forthcoming white papers from go-Digital:

· Retail: E-commerce will dramatically "reinvent" every stage of the sales cycle and the business processes that underlie retailing as we know it. The Internet medium gives companies unprecedented information and interaction with consumers, access to new markets and customers, and new distribution and marketing methods.

· Entertainment: Well beyond the old thinking of simply distributing traditional entertainment like movies, music, and games, "entertainment" on the Internet implies, and is ultimately enabled by, the convergence of media, technologies, and revenue models. There is a continuum along which online offerings evolve: entertainment, community, merchandising, and "commerced entertainment."

· Education: The global nature of the medium belies its ability to raise the standards of education, deliver curriculum interactively and on-demand, and develop curriculum collaboratively. The Internet itself will become the greatest repository of human knowledge, existing virtually and accessible from anywhere, and removed from the limitations of time and space; truly the "new Alexandria."

· Publishing: Now that every individual on earth can "publish" to a global audience, the variety and volume of content will be phenomenal. However, this will necessitate new paradigms in the publishing industry as we know it to manage the new original content, rate its quality, and deliver it in timely and effective ways.

John Engel, founder and managing partner of Stamford, Connecticut-based e-Media said, "Dr. Fou focused the best minds in the Internet business for two days on the challenges and rewards that e-commerce presents. We have seen the crystal ball and I have gained a great deal through the collaborative sessions. My clients are seeing fantastic returns from e-commerce already and there is no end in sight."

"The wealth and depth of the knowledge of the participants resulted in discussions that were immediately productive and focused on the most important issues. The participants expressed a complete understanding of the Internet industry; a common thread among the discussions centered upon how to best transfer this knowledge to the customer," said Jeff Anderson, vice president of marketing for Dallas-based c2o Interactive Architects, and EDS business. "Interacting with such a high-caliber of industry peers was both enjoyable and informative, but more significantly, a very important and much-needed dialogue has been initiated."

Dale Jefferies, Marketing Manager of Canadian-based Netaxis said, "[The Summit was] a forum of passionate dialogue on the status and future of the new media industry…overall [an] excellent eye-opener on 'where the money is.'"

"The contacts were very valuable…[and] will lead to new business and strategic alliances to help us grow," commented Terry Norman, president/CEO of Clear Picture Corporation, another Canadian firm that participated in the three-day Summit.

"One of the Consulate's goals is to promote cross-border alliances and generate new business between Canadian and U.S. new media firms. The Summit elevates the importance of our role in facilitating international collaboration and pioneering of the industry," said Matt Toner, vice consul and assistant trade commissioner of the Canadian Consulate General of New York.

"By bringing together the pioneers, veterans, entrepreneurs, and knowledge leaders of the new media industry, this Summit and the ones to follow will be the fertile ground where participants will not only create the future of the new media industry but also significantly impact the future of other industries," added Fou.

CanApple New Media is a business development program offered by the Canadian Consulate General of New York. The goal of the program is to bring Canadian new media companies to New York's new media community, "Silicon Alley," to forge new cross-border alliances, foster new business opportunities, and facilitate actual business exchanges. To date, CanApple has been instrumental in brokering more than 40 deals, ranging from distribution to joint ventures, educational software to cutting-edge animation, and from small web shops to corporate giants.

Specializing in Internet strategy consulting and implementation management, New York-based go-Digital Internet Consulting Group, Inc. works with clients to develop solutions that integrate business and technology strategy, and marketing to create real value using the Internet medium. go-Digital also manages the implementation of the client's online offering using best-of-breed partner companies from the Design, Technology, and Marketing Groups of the go-Digital Confederation.

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